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  • How much are your therapy sessions?
    Our cash pay rate is $175 for a 50 minute counseling session
  • How long will counseling sessions last?
    Each session is 50 minutes long. The duration of counseling varies based on the clients needs. Some clients will see tremendous improvement quickly and only need counseling for a couple months. Some people are best served having counseling as an ongoing self-care method and stay in counseling for years.
  • Will you accept my insurance?
    We are an out-of-network provider. We can provide an invoice at the end of each month that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Usually you pay the full fee upfront and get a percentage of it back but it varies upon your insurance provider
  • What does the 10 minute consultation call consist of?
    We will discuss your reason for calling. In addition, we will talk about schedules and rates. If we are a good fit we will get you on the schedule to start counseling.
  • Do you see both children and adults?
    Yes! I have extensive experience working with children and adults. I do focus a lot on children on my site and blog posts because it is a niche that is underserved and I want to make sure parents can find me when searching for help for their children.
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